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The H.E.A.T. Program provides income qualified households with assistance in paying their home heating bills.  Applications are taken by appointment only from November 1, 2010 through April  30, 2011 or until federal funds run out.  Each household can receive H.E.A.T. assistance only once during this time period. 

Clients may begin calling for appointments on November 1, 2010.  The H.E.A.T. offices will not be open, and no appointments will be made, before that date.  

If your household income in the month prior to the month you make application is at or below those listed in the following chart, and you are responsible for paying home heating costs, you probably qualify for this program.  Benefits are available to all eligible persons regardless of race, religion, national origin, sex, age, or political belief.


Household Size Monthly Income Household Size Monthly Income
1 Person $1,355 9 Persons $5,095
2 Persons $1,821 10 Persons $5,563
3 Persons $2.289 11 Persons $6,031
4 Persons $2,756 12 Persons $6,499
5 Persons $3,224 13 Persons $6,967
6 Persons $3,691 14 Persons $7,435
7 Persons $4,159 15 Persons $7,803
8 Persons $4,627 16 Persons $8,371
For Each Additional Household Member Add:     $468

*This amount is AFTER a discount of 20% for gross income that is earned through self-employment.  Medical expenses, child support, or alimony that you paid in the qualifying month also may be deducted from your income

You must bring the following documents to your appointment:

Identification (Driver's License, Utah I.D. Card or Birth Certificate
Social Security cards for yourself and all persons in your household who are age 18 or over
A copy of your most recent utility bill from each of your utility suppliers, or a printout from your utility companies showing what your coldest months' bills were at your present address
Proof of ALL income received by all members of your household during previous calendar month
Proof of medical bills paid during the previous month if you intend to use a medical deduction
Proof of disability
Proof of children under six (6) years of age
Proof of any child support an/or alimony you paid out in the month prior to the month of your appointment.

Additional documentation may also be required

(Telephone No's won't be active until November 1, 2010)


Carbon County Food
Bank Building
75 E. 400 S.
Price, UT 84501
Phone: 435 613-0100
Emery County Food
Bank Building
40 S. Center St.
Castle Dale, UT 84513
Phone: 435 381-5410
Grand County Food
Bank Building
Monticello and north San Juan County residents should call this office
56 N. 200 E.
Moab, UT 84532
Phone: 435 259-6362

Bluff Weatherization Office
Blanding & south county residents should call this office
San Juan County Emergency Service Building
51 W. Firehouse Rd.
Mexican Hat, UT  84512
*435 683-2355

*This office is now open and clients can go to the office to make an appointment, but the phone won't be working until Monday, Dec. 7, 2009

*You must  call for an appointment BEFORE!! coming to the office

The H.E.A.T Offices will not be open, and no appointments will be made, before November 1, 2010

Utah State Energy Assistance and Lifeline (SEAL) Office

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